The Camp

The Camp

The Camp, a team building and activity park in Calatagan, Batangas, offers you an interactive and engaging experience that will surely turn any group or workforce into one cohesive team. The Camp has designed various obstacle courses that will excite those who are looking for extreme adrenaline rush. Our hands-on approach to each activity will give you an authentic outdoor experience with safety and security as our main priority.

With the assistance of our licensed and professional camp masters, we deliver fun corporate team building activities that promote camaraderie, synergy with leadership, and performance skills. Our obstacle courses have 3 different levels: Basic, Difficult, Extreme. Our price and packages are set to fit the budget of large groups – the larger, the better.


Team building is all about providing the skills, training, and resources for your team to be able to work in harmony. The Camp gives you different challenges and exercises that help your group develop trust, mental alertness, strength, collaboration, and team work to mention a few. The Camp has 3 levels of difficulty.

1. BASIC – These activities test your strategic skills and leadership. These are fun and light games where you and your employees can enjoy the company of each other. Guide your team members through every obstacle and enjoy while playing the following:

  • TIRE TIC/TAC – Divide yourselves into two groups and each individual must skip into the holes of the tires. The group that finishes first wins.
  • MAZE – A player is blindfolded and is guided by his/her teammates through the maze using audio signals. At the end of the maze, the player must remove the blindfold and jump over a low wall.
  • ROLL POST – Players must jump over this obstacle course and go back in the same manner. The next player in line must also do the same until everyone has had their turn. The team that finishes first wins.
  • UNBALANCED BEAM – Each player must cross a bridge made of wood but has a log underneath therefore making it unstable. They can hold on to the rope above them to get across.
  • BALANCE BEAM – The participant from each group must walk across a narrow wooden bridge. The team that finishes first is declared as the winner.

2. DIFFICULT – Collaboration is considered one of the most important ingredients to experience harmony within your organization. Allow your employees to show off their skill, and become a team player through these games that are sure to test their stamina and brainpower.

  • STEPS – Each player from the two groups must choose between the colors green and brown. They can only step on the wood with the color they have chosen. Whoever finishes this obstacle first, wins.
  • ADVANCE ROLLPOST – This is a much higher variation of the roll post. Each one of the wooden posts have different heights and the participant must get to the other end while keeping his balance.
  • EARTHQUAKE BRIDGE – The player must cross a narrow wooden plank while holding on to the ropes on each side of the obstacle.
  • MINE SWEEPER – The participant can either walk or crawl through this hurdle, but he/she should avoid disturbing the rope to prevent the bell attached to both ends from ringing. If that happens, the player must start again.
  • OVER THE WALL – Female players can use the rope to finish this course while male players must jump and hold on to go over this wooden wall.

3. EXTREME – The main focus of team building is to strengthen the adaptability, planning, and decision-making skills of your workforce. The difficult challenges that we provide in this stage are designed to help members focus on the tasks ahead and be open to suggestions from other team members. The following activities will force your employees to work together – boosting teamwork and enhancing their communication skills.

  • ROPE TRAVERSE – Each member of the two teams must keep their balance and their stamina to cross the rope bridge. The team whose members have successfully crossed the other side first, wins.
  • LOW V TRAVERSE – Two players from each team must cross this obstacle facing each other and rely on each other to balance themselves until they finish this hurdle.
  • SWING BRIDGE – The challenge of this course is for the participants to successfully cross to the other side while keeping their balance.
  • MONKEY BAR – Each member from the two teams should hang, reach, and swing like a monkey to cross this obstacle.
  • ROPE AND LADDER – Climb up this obstacle course using the ladder and descend using the rope beside it.
  • SPIDER WEB – Help each other to cross from one side of the Spider’s Web to the other without disturbing it, and without using the same hole/gap twice. Team members must create a plan to successfully get through one at a time.
  • TEAM WALL – Assist each other to successfully go over this vertical wall. Maximizing the space around the area to gain momentum is not allowed.

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Take a bus from COASTAL MALL bound for CALATAGAN. The fare is approximately PHP 180 and travel time would take 4 hours max depending on the traffic situation. Get off the city market, then take a tricycle to The Camp. The tricycle can accommodate up to 4 passengers and costs PHP 150.

Another option is to ride a UV Express van bound for Calatagan, and then take a tricycle to The Camp.

You can use the Waze app and just put The Camp, formerly Villa Augustina.

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